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Guangzhou Zhuoyuan( sub- brand FuninVR, VR entertainment solution provider, is a top- tech groundbreaking enterprise by way of a whole industry chain including creativity, r & d , production, sales, procedure and service. With considerable industry experience, it has a modernized make base of more than 14000 square meters Besides, it also builds up a VR content creation centre and brand procedure team, which has been widely recognized in the marketplace . Zhuoyuan makes its mission to help customers create sustainable and profitable projects and strives as the best partner to Make the first bucket of gold.


We are an excellent team with rich experience and high professionalism. We have a high acuity of market orientation, helping customers to acquire more professional industry knowledge. Teamwork is the key to success.
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Company has a headquarters, two branches and 30,000sqm factory, which include Marketing department, R&D department,After sales department, Design department…. FuninVR will build the largest VR experience center and content testing center in VR industry before 2024, which will gather the most abundant application scenarios and become a demonstration base for VR application and industrialization with a certain influence in China.


FuninVR has been researching in VR and 5d/7d cinema since 2011, keeping up with the development of the new Eras, and the product quality level has been approved by various industries around the worldF


Diversified development

Launched over 30 VR simulators,atten IAAPA,CANTON FAIR,AMUSEMENT FAIR…


Win-win cooperate

Start cooperate with school, museum,army…


First business training in VR industry

FuninVR did many innovation and started first business training, and won many awards


Cooperated famous brands

Cooperate with 40 leading companies,such as Intel, and established 2 branches in China


Registered Brand

Founded FuninVR to produce VR simulator and attded China-Canada Economic and Trade Fair 2015


Develop Launched 7D cinema


Stood out

5D cinema were exported to over 100 countries


Mechanical automation.

Our team

Funinvr company has a very rich professional team, the most excellent talents from various fields, in the professional and research and development of the road do not listen to the refining, in order to give customers a perfect service, we keep thinking, always insist
Research and Development Team


We have been making games for 16 years and have very rich experience, from story scripting, modeling, dubbing, all thing we done independently, so we also support customs project.
Sales Team


Engaged in the VR industry for 11 years, FuninVR is committed to achieving a win-win results with customers and providing customers with one-stop solutions
After sales team


As a professional after sales team, we serve for customers and respond to customers in time so that reduce lost caused by problems. Customer satisfaction is the greatest encouragement for us.

Our Market

There are more than 3,500 Funinvr theme parks in the world, covering more than 100 countries and hundreds of cities in 5 continents around the world. VR+ model is popular all over the world, and 50 million people have close contact with VR

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