Shock! FuninVR takes action in the Asian billion-dollar market of VR esports.

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According to China’s newly released “Action Plan” development targets, by 2026, the overall scale of China’s virtual reality industry alone will exceed 350 billion yuan, with virtual reality terminal sales exceeding 25 million units. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of the virtual reality industry. Therefore, this “Action Plan” specifically mentions the large-scale and characteristic integration development of “virtual reality + sports and health” in the next five years.

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As the leading company in the industry, Zhuoyuan shoulders the industry mission and has invested heavily in creating a “metaverse esports platform” for global audiences, bringing more possibilities to the VR esports and sports fields.

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In collaboration with various outstanding partners, Zhuoyuan integrated esports content resources, cutting-edge technology resources, and VR esports equipment to launch the “metaverse esports platform.” This platform not only elevates VR esports and sports to new dimensions but also attracts global attention.

In summary, FuninVR has taken the lead in launching a metaverse esports platform, which is poised to revolutionize the VR esports industry and drive growth in the Asian billion-dollar market.