9d Virtual Reality Ride Battleship

2 person experience, profitable tool!
Funinvr 9DVR Battleship
Funinvr 9DVR Battleship

Funinvr 9DVR Battleship

product description:

The new product is on the market, with an integrated shape of fiberglass space capsule and a single-space double seat, suitable for parent-child and couple experience; equipped with high-end smart operating handles, and rich special effects such as leg sweeping and hair blowing, the experience is more real; it covers more than a hundred exciting content, and the viewing experience Movies, thrills, excitement, everything! It adopts intelligent touch-screen on-demand, safe and fast one-key stop design, small footprint, flexible operation, and reduced operating costs. It is an unmissable revenue tool!

Virtual Reality Simulator Games Equipment

Feel the stunning visual effects

Funinvr 9DVR Battleship features everything you need

Funinvr 9DVR Battleship, virtual reality theater, using the world’s most advanced sports technology platform to experience unprecedented fun and Enhance the virtual reality Greatly!
VR Battleship 9D VR Game Machine 2

Virtual Reality Simulator Games Equipment

Meet the most surprising thing

New VR Simulator, Be Diversity with New VR Slide, Different VR Experience The security belt slide is contrary to the conventional VR products. Modest footprint, large crowd, cool appearance, ideal for theme parks, VR Knowledge Museum, Attractions.

Funinvr 9DVR Battleship is shocked to the world


DPVR E3 VR Headset / All New Version

2K Eye-protective LCD Screen ( 2560×1440 / 70Hz )
High-grade Fresnel Lens
110°FOV & IPD Adjustment ( 54-74mm )
Low latency Low afterglow No dizziness
Ergonomic & Adjustable head strap Design
Compact and Lightweight ( 305g only )
vr dpvr glasses

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2 Players
Deepoon E3
VR Games 40PCS+5D Video 59PCS+VR Video15PCS
9C1A3880 scaled