Metaverse Theater

The comprehensive experience of the glass trestle through HD vision + hearing + net celebrity
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Metaverse Theater

product description:

Through a comprehensive experience of high-definition visual, audio, and a glass suspension bridge with a social media following,

it is possible to accommodate a large number of people at amusement parks and scenic spots, increasing the profitability of holiday projects.

Virtual Reality Simulator Games Equipment

Feel the stunning visual effects

Metaverse Theater features everything you need

Funinvr 9D Games, virtual reality theater, using the world’s most advanced sports technology platform to experience unprecedented fun and Enhance the virtual reality Greatly!
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Virtual Reality Simulator Games Equipment


New VR Simulator, Be Diversity with New VR Slide, Different VR Experience The security belt slide is contrary to the conventional VR products. Modest footprint, large crowd, cool appearance, ideal for theme parks, VR Knowledge Museum, Attractions.

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Metaverse Theater is shocked to the world

Metaverse Theater Theater is a hot product that combines sci-fi and fashion, with built-in social media-friendly attractions. 360° surround sound, 270° light and shadow space design, and trendy social media elements create a stunning 3D immersive audio-visual effect! With an 8K ultra-IMAX-level high-definition resolution and flight scenes, this breakthrough product will revolutionize the way people experience the meta-universe!

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