4 Seats Cinema VR In Tanzania

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The following is one of FuninVR circumstance from Tanzania, Africa. Customer opened his or her own VR park with FuninVR device. Let’s see what style of VR machine they got.

An Entire Circle VR Cinema

The 4 Seats Cinema attracts most customers, and the small device attracts more consumers because of the expressions of customers. It is also very popular in the local business circle. There are various VR adventure movies in the 4 seat theater, and the movements of the seats and the scenery in the VR headset attract tourists.

There is also a long line of VR motorbike visitors, which is a particularly popular VR machine. The entire shape seems to be a real moto. Besides, all of our customer purchased 2 pcs VR racing moto, so that both equally of them could support on the net game.VR cinema has 4 seats, the type only regarding 5 square meters, so the theory can the particular VR area easily, also, 4 seating could let 4 players occupy game at precisely the same time period, that could earn 4 moments profits for 1 time.

4 Seats In Tanzania

While outlined by local consumption, Tanzania customer set single ticket selling price as 2USD/ time, if there happen to be over 4 people, chances are they can certainly enjoy group discount. This is one of charge mode, what accomplish you consider ?