American customers strongly recommend Star Twin Seat VR is very popular

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FuninVR, a leading provider of virtual reality (VR) products, recently received high praise from an American client who purchased two of their VR machines for commercial use. The client was thoroughly impressed with the level of immersion and entertainment offered by the VR Racing Moto and Star Twin Seat VR, which they decided to add to their VR park.

Star Twin VR

The Star Twin Seat VR is a two-seater VR ride that simulates various thrilling experiences such as roller coasters, flying, and racing. It offers a truly immersive experience that transports users to different virtual scenarios. Meanwhile, the VR Racing Moto is a dynamic and interactive VR game that provides users with an adrenaline-pumping racing experience in different virtual environments.

VR Racing Moto

The American client was extremely satisfied with their purchase of these two VR machines, and they highly recommend them to any VR park owner looking for exciting and engaging games to offer their customers. This is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of FuninVR’s products in providing a truly immersive and entertaining experience for users.

As the demand for VR experiences continues to grow, FuninVR has established itself as a leading provider of high-quality VR products that cater to a wide range of industries, including gaming, entertainment, and education. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has enabled them to become a trusted partner for businesses looking to incorporate VR into their operations.


In conclusion, FuninVR’s VR Racing Moto and Star Twin Seat VR have proven to be a hit with an American client who purchased them for commercial use. Their effectiveness in providing an immersive and entertaining experience for users has earned them high praise and recommendations from satisfied customers. As the VR industry continues to grow, FuninVR is poised to be at the forefront of innovation and customer satisfaction.