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Cartoon Adventure Masterpiece!

Childlike Innocence Strikes!

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FuninVR squad, a VR game, is highly recommended for the end of the year. The beautiful homes of animals in the FuninVR squad await you, let’s uphold justice together!

In this game, the evil potion has caused chaos in the city, with riots, madness, and vandalism. The battle between justice and evil has quietly begun, and the FuninVR squad will lead children to fight against evil and uphold justice!

FuninVR squad is a cartoon adventure masterpiece tailored to children’s needs based on market research at the beginning of the year. It will be launched on December 10th with great fanfare!

Game name:FuninVR  squad

Game type:Cartoon adventure

Playability rating:★★★★★

FuninVR squad

Story background:

In the forest, a great demon king appeared who developed a magical potion that made animals go crazy, trying to rule the earth with it. The animals became extremely aggressive and attacked people everywhere. The Phantom Monkey and his friends formed a small team to defeat the evil doctor and save the controlled small animals.


The game automatically sets the flight route. Players fly along the line and use water jets to hit the small animals in a frenzy, making them calm down. During the game, players need to avoid various obstacles and items thrown by the animals, and leap to the final battle site. They can defeat the big boss with water jets and successfully pass the level!

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1. Vivid and childlike cartoon characters – various cartoon animals, whether in appearance or NPC roles, are designed with rich images that are closer to the design of cartoon animation. Cute cartoon characters can instantly attract the attention of children and make them feel more familiar and happy.
2.Riot scenes, realistic experience – due to the evil doctor’s potion, the animal town has become chaotic. The FuninVR  squad must work together to calm the animals down and quickly find the big boss to defeat it. Only then can the animal world return to its former peace. The cartoon-style animal images and urban style allow children to instantly immerse themselves in the game story, led by the FuninVR  squad to find the source of the evil potion, jointly uphold justice, defeat evil, and cultivate children’s sense of justice and mission from the vivid and fun game.
3.Crazy throwing and smashing, difficulty upgrade – Ah, quickly dodge! The big demon cow is throwing and smashing various obstacles at any time. Players need to quickly use water jets to break through or hide to avoid being injured and strive to find the big boss as quickly as possible to quell the city’s chaos.
4.Energy water jet, one hit is a hit – Want to calm down the crazy animals? Try using the energy water jet with your friends! The blue energy water jet hits the animal that emits purple when it’s crazy, and they will instantly calm down and no longer destroy the beautiful city.
5.Diversified fairy tale scenes – In addition to the “crazy” city, the whole game also has diversified scenes such as plains, mountains, waterfalls, and snowfields, providing a rich and interesting environment switch that allows children to immerse themselves more in the “animal world” and enjoy double happiness.

New “FuninVR  squad” compatible devices:

VR Warship, 6 Seats VR Dark Chariot, 9d Virtual Reality Ride Battleship, 9dvr 4 player VR Space, and more,

all waiting for you to join in and uphold justice!

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FuninVR new representative product is a Flagship product representative VR Warship, covering diverse content such as shooting, competition, leisure, and education. With high stickiness, it has fast turnover, high efficiency, and is the preferred amusement equipment for large venues.

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6 Seats VR Dark Chariot-VR-simulator One of the classic and popular products that has been on the market for years! It can accommodate 6 people at once and has various special effects such as blowing wind, sweeping legs, and shaking hips, making it thrilling and exciting! With high revenue and fast return on investment, it is the king of efficiency!

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“9d Virtual Reality Ride Battleship”, suitable for parent-child experience; with rich special effects such as sweeping legs and blowing wind, the experience is more realistic. It covers over 100 exciting contents, with intelligent touch screen ordering, small footprint, flexible operation, and a revenue weapon not to be missed!

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9dvr 4 player VR Space 4 seat vr cinema“, battle shooting, jungle exploration, and many other game experiences, it is suitable for players of all ages. With a powerful content library, it has over 30 VR films and over 70 5D films! The classic shooting button, combined with special effects such as blowing wind, sweeping legs, and shaking hips, creates an immersive gaming experience!

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battle between good and evil will begin. The FuninVR  squad invites you to join in and defeat the evil doctor, together upholding the beautiful and adorable animal world.