The hot virtual reality gaming machine in 2023

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A reliable virtual reality gaming machine manufacturer

FuninVR, a national high-tech enterprise, is a brand of Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd. that covers the entire industry chain of creativity, research and development, content, production, sales, operation and service. With a research and production base of 14,000 square meters and over 60 senior technical R&D personnel, the company’s core technologies include motion control technology driven by servo and crank transmission, sensor technology for human motion detection, AI technology, experience store management and content, data service platform technology, etc. The company has obtained 313 national authorized patents, software copyrights and other intellectual property certificates. It also has an exclusive content distribution platform with over 500 high-quality VR games, which are updated monthly for continuous repurchase.

Popular virtual reality gaming machine with the most queues in 2023

VR-marines. This revolutionary new competitive gaming product has taken the VR world by storm, offering nationwide networking and unlimited freedom in multiplayer battles. With 360-degree hover turning and easy leg control for direction, players can experience true freedom and combat sensations. Simple controls and multiple gameplay options are complemented by live streaming of battles on split-screen consoles, making VR-marines the ultimate traffic generator for high-profit entrepreneurship.

VR marine2
VR marine1

Introducing the VR superstar flagship product:

With its small footprint and high efficiency, the sleek and stylish design of VR-marines ensures that you will be the center of attention wherever you go. Custom-built VR games with multiple gameplay options provide players with a sense of exclusive victory. The integration of competitive strategy in Phantom Assault allows for real-time weapon switching, adapting to unpredictable situations and providing an immersive gaming experience. With continuous development of high-quality content, VR-marine is leading the way into a new era of VR. Get ready to be blown away by the excitement and thrill of VR-marine!

ProjectParameter Value
Device name, keywordSmall Projects Profitable Vr Stanting Simulator 360 Vr Simul Virtual Reality Arena Shooting Arcade Game
Measured Power400W
Equipment Weight120kg
Rated Load Capacity100KG/person
Product price$7,900.00
Exterior Dimensions1035(L)×1000(W)×752(H)mm
Helmet GlassesPICO Headset
Number of GamesTo be determined


Introducing the world’s first meta-universe omnidirectional treadmill,

a competitive shooting VR entertainment device.

With its sleek and stylish hexagonal design, the VR-treadmill boasts a 590mm super-wide running belt that allows for unrestricted running and 360-degree unlimited turning. The treadmill’s intelligent sensing technology quickly responds to the user’s walking gait, enabling active and unrestricted running in all directions without causing dizziness.
With nationwide networking, multiplayer interaction, and multi-scene combination, the VR-treadmill provides unlimited freedom for competitive battles. Players can release their hands and fully immerse themselves in gun battles.

VR Treadmill

The VR-treadmill occupies a mere 2m² of space, making it a highly efficient and trendy VR fitness and competition device. It comes equipped with several original VR games, including the customized Phantom Assault, which features a variety of rich scenes that allow players to immerse themselves in the world of competition. With multiple options for firearms selection and switching, players can become the king of competition in an instant. Team and individual gameplay options, combined with account growth models, make the VR-treadmill highly addictive and replayable. The constant development of high-quality content continues to lead the way in the new era of VR.

ProjectParameter Value
VoltageEntertainment Small Footprint Miin VR Game Machine Kat Walker Shooting Simulator VR Treadmill vr running platfo
Measured Power2.3KW
Equipment Weight340KG
Rated Load Capacity100KG/seat
Product price$9,400.00-$12,500.00
Exterior Dimensions1415(L)×1830(W)×1790(H)mm
Helmet GlassesPICO Headset
Number of Games6