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FuninVR Experience Hall Takes You to Experience the Trend Among Young People.The most attractive VR game.

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What? Are you still sitting at home clicking on your mouse, typing on your keyboard, and playing games on a flat 2D screen? Or are you wasting your day off lying on the couch and scrolling through your phone? Today, I’m here to tell you what young people are really into these days! What can attract them to keep coming back for more, with high replay value, and an experience that they can’t stop playing?

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The most attractive game for young people must be CS, a game that releases passion, but playing CS at home is limited to a 2D screen, with no sense of reality, and no experience of playing in different scenarios. However, at Phantom Starry Sky VR Experience Hall, you can unleash your passion for CS and immerse yourself in a battlefield alliance! When you put on the VR glasses and pick up your weapon, you are the coolest guy on the battlefield! In Phantom Starry Sky VR Experience Hall, “Dark Battlefield” has always been one of the VR devices that young people go crazy for. Enjoy the team-based competition, break free from the limitations of home, and after the excitement, you can even replay the entire match. Isn’t that better than playing games at home?

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Of course, there are more than just these things that can attract young people! You can’t imagine how VR is combined with fitness to become a new trend among young people. In Phantom Starry Sky VR Experience Hall, in addition to the regular VR gaming equipment, there is also the latest “Dark Runner.” This unprecedented VR treadmill can perfectly combine VR+fitness+e-sports, attracting a large number of fitness enthusiasts and e-sports enthusiasts! While exercising and playing, wearing VR glasses, and choosing your favorite scene, a match that combines competition and exercise perfectly begins. Many media outlets have also come to interview the charm of this VR treadmill, and experience how it attracts young people.

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Player Xiao Ting said in an interview, “I feel tired every time I play, and I have to keep running forward, which has the effect of exercising and fitness.” After a match, Xiao Ting was already panting. “Traditional treadmills set a speed, and you can only adapt to the speed of the machine. But this VR free-angle treadmill can control the speed itself, it’s very suitable for young people to entertain and exercise at the same time!”

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FuninVR Experience Hall accommodates all young people who like different fields. It’s impossible for it not to be popular! In addition to the VR competitions and VR fitness mentioned above, there are more different experiences and gameplay, such as extreme speed and extreme sports. It not only opens young people’s eyes but also firmly attracts them. All of this is available at FuninVR Experience Hall!