A new virtual reality playground was opened in Malta

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To build a new virtual reality playground

The Maltese client wants to expand his entertainment business. After a comprehensive evaluation, he chose virtual reality simulation games to expand his business. To build a A new virtual reality playground, after receiving his virtual reality simulator, they put these machines in the Christmas Village. The attraction has a lot of tourists, many of whom are curious about the VR machine and have tried it many times.

his consumers said these are best theme park simulator and try them again and again

This VR experience point is located next to the children’s trampoline area. Guests with children can let children play in the children’s area, and they can experience novel VR games in the VR area. Of course, you can also bring children or the elderly to experience these VR devices.

No one doesn’t like exciting games or racing games.When choosing a virtual reality simulator game, the Maltese customer chose two different types of products to match. It is very attractive that you can experience shooting virtual reality games and play racing games with friends.

6 seats VR dark mars: This machine has over 40 pcs VR games, players like shooting games very much. The movement is extremely thrill and exciting.

VR racing moto: Enjoy speed and furious with VR racing moto, different of track can be choose.

The first day to start this virtual reality theme park, many tourist thought they are novel and wanna try it. Players can choose different virtual reality simulator games through these machine because there are so many vr games to choose. All of them are HD and thrill. According to customer’s feedback, his consumers said these are best theme park simulator and try them again and again, which offer him more confidence to do virtual reality business.

Address:Ta’ Xbiex Water Polo Club,Ta’ Xbiex, Malta

If you are in Malta and wanna experience VR game, please come here and have fun!