New VR devices from Malaysia will open for business

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New VR devices business starts in Malaysia

That makes a lot of sense for this year. The epidemic has passed, and the VR arcade industry has begun to explode. New technologies, new content, new VR devices attract people. In this case, we at FuninVR have decided to reopen the global installation service. In order to better serve merchants, our policies have begun to gradually add new discounts and service plans.

The epidemic

This Malaysian customer is the first merchant we serve after the restart.

After the epidemic is over, we will keep up with the service as soon as possible. Our manufacturer sends professional and technical personnel to foreign countries for installation and after-sales, giving business opportunities enough confidence and support. Let their business not be affected by these factors.

The epidemic2

The customer tested the installed VR devices and expressed his satisfaction on the spot

and he is also very confident in the future profits. They will start business soon. If you are interested, please contact us.