How much do VR arcades make a year?

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If you wanna know how many profit can be get in one year in VR arcade industry, please understand why VR arcade industry is so popular and where the profits come from. If you understand these, you will understand this more for VR arcade industry.

Many people know VR game, maybe someone also research VR device on Google, Alibaba, Amazon… but it is unimaginable that people on their own VR machine. After all, compare with apply a annual VIP card in game zone or paradise,  the cost of purchase a VR device is dozens of times the former. This is the reason whey people prefer to have a lunch/dinner in restaurant not at home, your wife or parents will not endure you immersed in VR for a whole day

Just kidding, let’s analyze following data:

industry data

The data comes from:

According to the data(2022-2027), the compound annual growth rate of global virtual reality equipment shipments was 33.85%.

The game sector accounts for the largest market share

  • With the increase of AR&VR players all over the world, AR & VR industry was extend market share these years. According to the data of artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analysis, and AR/VR solution provider NewGenApps, it is estimated that by 2025, the global AR and VR game user base will increase to 216 million.
  • Meanwhile, according to data released by the Entertainment Software Association in March 2020, 29% of American players pointed out that they have a VR system. The association also said that the progress of virtual reality and augmented reality is the main driving force for the growth of the American gaming industry.
  • Besides, the increase in comfort in the use of VR games and VR calls is also one of the factors, which indicates that the prospects of VR technology in the game are optimistic. According to Myplanet’s consumer survey on 500 US respondents in November, 2020, 26% of the respondents said that they were very comfortable in using VR headsets for scenarios. In addition, the virtual reality  satisfaction from consumers is 32%.
  • Furthermore, Sony interactive entertainment apply a patent in April,2021, which shows that Sony is studying machine learning to upgrade PS5 VR games. The patent also created opportunities for improving PS5 VR headset equipment, and at the same time does not sacrifice the processing capabilities of new and improved VR games.
  • Virtex announce that they plan to launch a virtual reality gym “Virtex Stadium” in July, 2021, which could let fans with their friends watch competition in here. This release is consistent with the increasing popularity of E -sports and the continuous improvement of VR consumer equipment. According to Venturebeat’s data, global e -sports audiences will reach 474 million in 2021, and it is expected to reach 577.2 million by 2024.

The data comes from:

There are also many data to show the future market share of virtual reality is huge. Of course, the data is different from each city, but if you mean VR arcade, you can see it everywhere, wherever in city or village. To be honest, Even without that data, entertainment is still a necessity in People’s Daily lives, and both adults and kids love VR arcades.

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Let’s back our topic, how much profit can be get in one year in VR Arcades?

This is one of VR store which located in France (Article from:FuninVR

vr park

This is one of VR store which located in France (Article from:FuninVR

From the head of the VR arcade store:Each venue is 150-250 square meters, there are 3-4 venues opened, and other new venues are also being prepared,The single tickets 10 dollars to experience once, and weekends are all queuing experiences.All the devices are running well, and our Clients recognize our equipment so much,Location-based VR experiences are more and more popular worldwide while household consumer adoption is not.

vr cinema

This is a case of buying tickets online in China:

FuninVR invite their customer who purchased FuninVR product and open VR theme park in China to sales their ticket on TikTok. Surprisingly, the number of transactions over 7,000 within one week, which quickly occupy the VR hot list.

china case1 1

This is one of the business models of the FuninVR brand cooperative merchant. Of course, as mentioned earlier, the profitability of each place is different, but the business opportunities in this industry gets popular.

Brand effect

The role of VR has begun to popularize, the trend has been formed, and people’s awareness of VR is constantly improving. On this basis, VR experience consumption has also appeared obviously. Consumers continue to pursue high quality in terms of content selection and VR hardware selection. FuninVR has cultivated many high -quality original content in the field of VR for many years, which has continuously optimized the experience in hardware, and has also obtained the recognition of consumers!

阳序运(Xuyun Yang), the Chairman of Guangzhou Zhuoyuan, was invited to attend the “2020 China Science and Technology Communication Forum” to comprehensively demonstrate the achievement of ZhuoYuan VR digital science popularization innovation, and was highly praised and affirmed by the leaders of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and the Association for Science and Technology.

Now FuninVR has formed a wide range of brand recognition at home and abroad! According to the research report, the2000s yearn for focusing and faith, and is willing to pay for their own interests.

The brand effect will have a siphonage effect, which allowing the younger generation to choose a big brand and high -quality VR experience.

FuninVR takes customers to build sustainable profitable projects as its mission. It has nearly 3,500 offline entertainment franchise stores in more than 100 countries around the world, and helping tens of thousands of people around the world to realize the dream of entrepreneurial wealth.

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