In which could find FuninVR theme area in Italy

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If you would like play VR game, where can certainly we play VR for celebration? If perhaps you wanna play many several games, which VR store can certainly achieve this? The answer can be Miss America!!!! This VR idea park is located in Game playing Hall Miss America by France.

VR theme park

Miss America VR theme area was opened in June, 2021. Our Italian customer let his friend came to FuninVR stock and headquarter for experience match. after communicate with FuninVR, every documents and certificates which ended up being required by shopping mall and import might be issued by FuninVR, finally all machines enter the shopping mall.

vr hall 3

About our match, you can see there happen to be 90 pcs game. We include our very own R& D department, many individuals will release 4- several games each year, so the fact our customers have new match to market on the VIP buyer or new customer, not simply increase more profit, but even fixed consumer group.