VR Simulator for Poland’s Rope Amusement Park

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As another entertainment project, FuninVR ‘s Polish clients installed VR equipment in the rope amusement park. In addition to enjoying the thrill of high- altitude ropes, it also feels the two excitements that come with using cutting- edge VR.

vr park

We came across FuninVR while browsing the web and thought their products were very interesting and high- tech, which is not only a good way to increase traffic method and it allows me to earn extra profits, “Polish customers said.” Initially, I just wanted to make the most of this place to attract more tourists.

vr center 1

Customers from Poland bought three VR headsets: a 9D VR, two VR racing karts, an eagle- feather virtual reality( VR battleship), and an 360 degree VR simulator. Theyvisit FuninVR ‘s factory and headquarters before making a deal with the company because they believe its goods and services are the best.