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FuninVR(Company name Guangzhou Zhuoyuan), as a leading manufacturer of professional VR equipment in China, founded in 1999, FuninVR has constantly developed and expanded its technical strength of team by adhering to the principle of “taking users as the center and pursuing the ultimate experience”, so as to bring high-quality VR experience to users. At the same time, we are also the equipment supplier of CCTV film and television base, and a national high-tech enterprise running through the whole industrial chain of creativity, R&D, content, production, sales, operation and service. We have established in-depth strategic cooperation with 106 domestic and foreign VR industry heavyweights such as Intel, HTC, etc., R&D and manufacturing virtual reality equipment, which are widely used in the field of entertainment, children’s intelligence and entertainment and popular science education etc.. Specialized in the entertainment industry since 2011, FuninVR has very rich experience in VR simulation manufacturing and innovation.


FuninVR’s headquarters is located in Guangzhou, we have 2 branchs, one is in Jiangsu, the other is in Guangzhou, which mainly focus on entertainment and popular science education theme. FuninVR’s factory also located in Panyu District, Guangzhou, it has 30,000 sqm, 4 workshop, 1 warehouse…


FuninVR mainly has overseas/domestic sales department, R&D department, production department, after-sales department, brand department, operation training department,finance department, and personnel department. All departments cooperate with each other to provide customers with high-quality products and one-stop VR services. Among them, the R&D department is the core of the FuninVR product line, because we adhere to the values of integrity, dedication, innovation, and mutually beneficial. Having copyright and independent development awareness is the most important, so the chairman of FuninVR in China insists on cultivating the R&D department to develop new games, so all FuninVR games have copyrights. What kind of service does FuninVR could provide? FuninVR provide one-stop service such as layout drawing, 3D layout, decoration design, product selection, training operation, game update, customs project, after-sale service, promotional materials…. So if you have any needs on VR or any question about VR industry, please feel free to contact FuninVR to get more details