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Canton fair emphatically recommended ▏ yuan universe industry highlands power grab the world!

The 133rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be held in Guangzhou from April 15 to May 5, and will fully resume its offline exhibition, attracting attention and expectations from all parties. The State Council held a press conference on April 4 to introduce relevant preparations.

“Continuously to the Canton Fair this’ golden sign ‘to add new success.” Wang Shouwen, international trade negotiator and vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce, said the Canton Fair, which has been held since 1957 and is in its 133rd year this year, is constantly advancing with The Times, reforming and innovating.

New pavilions will be opened, new themes will be added, and more new enterprises will be created

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The focus of this year’s Canton Fair was on the emerging industry of the metaverse, and the fair proved to be a hotbed of activity for VR and tech startups. Among the host of companies exhibiting their latest products, the standout product from national brand Zhongyuan was the version of the FuninVR-kart. This award-winning product was showcased alongside the latest offerings from well-known domestic companies like Midea and Gree, at the “New Product Launch Event”.

Zhuoyuan Vibrating VR Simulator 215

Enjoy kart successfully selected new product launch meeting

Zhuoyuan · Phantom Starry Sky VR Racing kart 2023 Verison is rated as the “single champion” star productIt incorporates innovative technologies such as the metaverse, simulation, and force feedback, allowing for online competitions, multiple tracks, various gameplay modes, high entertainment value, and realistic experiences. This not only demonstrates innovative results in product development but also presents enormous market potential.

And of course the rest of the company’s product content


In every Canton Fair, many media, such as Guangdong public channel DV Live, will come to ZhuoyuanHengran branch for interviews and filming. And the team will exclusively report how Zhuo Yuan presents VR equipment through webcast.


Against the backdrop of the advent of the metaverse era and the rise of 5G technology, Guangzhou Zhongyuan will join forces with universities and research institutions worldwide to conduct metaverse experience research, leveraging technologies like 5G, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things to create high-quality metaverse experience projects for the entertainment, eco-tourism, education, and science popularization sectors.