The Biggest VR Centre In Russia

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The biggest VR experience center in Russia is Teleport. 2019 saw the construction of this amusement center, and FuninVR provided all the furnishings. Prior to that, the head of teleport and the purchasing division visited FuninVR ‘s factory and company in China and expressed their satisfaction with its service and product quality.

engle flight vr

Eagle flight VR: This is one of the stand- up experience VR devices. Player will feel strong weightlessness when playing game, they stand here and machine will move according to setting. This joystick could shoot enemy on the games.

720 degrees vr

VR simulator with 720 degrees: In addition to being a machine that needs player control over the direction of the machine on its own , it can rotate by 360 degrees while playing games. By using this machine, players can have a lot of fun , feel excited, and scream.