Virtual Reality Still Going Highly Development in 2023

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It is normal for enterprises to adjust their business direction and enterprise development plans according to the external environment, especially in the technology industry, where technological changes are changing with each passing day and cutting-edge achievements emerge in endlessly. The only constant is to always explore product innovation ideas amid variables.

Virtual Reality Still Going Highly

With the development of the technology, the concept of Metaverse and ChatGPT have become popular, which has set off an upsurge in the virtual reality industry, which has also brought new ideas to the development and transformation of the virtual reality industry.

What is VR?

Companies engaged in the VR industry have launched a variety of different types of products, 6 seas VR dark mars, vr mech simulator, experience VR machine, flight VR machine, shooting VR machine, sports VR machine, children’s VR machine, etc. All devices are designed to use computer simulation to produce a three-dimensional virtual world that provides users with simulations of vision and other senses, making users feel as if they are actually there. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living consumption, consumers are not satisfied with the existing technology and movies. According to the game survey questionnaire conducted by FuninVR, many consumers hope to have new products and new games. For this reason, FuninVR technicians discussions and research to develop new vr simulator machines and new games day and night. FuninVR is not only to provide customers and consumers with a better 9d vr game machine, but also to further integrate immersive technology, blockchain and 5G and other concepts to better integrate.

Humanize is key to VR/XR success, and there are solutions to make it happen

Amitha Pulijala, Vice President of Vonage Products, Cloud Platform Services, Video API and AI, said: If you want to go further, you need to introduce human senses to interact with the digital world, so that human emotions can interact with technology through different senses, and accelerate the integration of the digital world and the human world . And technology is changing at a fast pace, which requires interfaces and other tools to jointly build high-quality services and promote their development. Interfaces are built on the assumption that anyone can use them: you can be a consumer or a producer of an interface. “The trend of merging the physical and digital worlds is firstly a shift in behavior. Second is the technology itself, because it’s moving very fast. We’ve moved from 2D to 3D interactions, and we’re going to Bringing them closer to the physical world relies heavily on humanizing these technologies

Integration of VR and life and entertainment, VR gets further development and innovation

After determining the development direction, FuninVR quickly launched VR&E-sports mode and VR&Fitness series products, that is,VR Marine and VR Treadmill. Once these two products launched, they quickly attracted the attention of all walks of life around the world. VR Marine can not only realize the entertainment of offline e-sports mode, enhance the interaction and fun between players, and quickly shorten the distance between players, but also is suitable for all ages. And VR Treadmill is the world’s first VR universal treadmill. The mode of unlimited free competition integrates entertainment and fitness,which allowing players to better immerse themselves in it. At the same time, VR Treadmill is used in the whole industry. Just like the humanization problem mentioned above, FuninVR starts from meeting the functional demands and psychological needs of consumers, so as to create 9d vr machine that can meet these needs.

Will VR be affected by AIGC to reduce upsurge?

Although ChatGPT leapt forward and broke through the hot topic in 2023, the AIGC has become an hot field in the investment circle. But when the AIGC field enters stable development, capital may turn its attention to Metaverse VR again. According to reports, Apple originally planned to launch its first mixed reality (AR/VR) head-mounted device in April 2023, but due to a change in plan, the product launch time is expected to be after June this year, maybe after Apple’s new device is launched , which will drive a higher upsurge of Metaverse investment. Therefore, the VR business landscape will continue to expand. Whether it will consider combining with AIGC in the future, not only FuninVR, but the whole VR industry still has a hard task to development.

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