VR Experience Hall In Guatemala 360 Degrees

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This customer purchased FuninVR’s VR battleship in the finish of 2019. In that time , Mr. Joseph just desired to buy one for marketplace research. Although there were few local entertainment activities, VR was first a very novel experience for individuals. He still felt that this individual needed to try it initially.

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So, how to build the market? FuninVR told Joseph they have promotional components for businessman and clients, and have official accounts of social networking to assist him in advertising, including Instagram, Youtube, TikTok… and they also provide holiday paper prints and operational practicing free.

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At the end , Joseph successfully began his first VR business. Remarkably, many individuals are extremely considering about VR and try this, and after the experience, they will are filled up with praise for this kind of device and want to encounter more different types of video games.