What could detonate new trend? VR Magic UFO

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9D VR and arcade have developed rapidly in recent years, you can see 6 seats VR, 2 seats VR, 360 VR, racing car, 3 screens racing car, 9d vr, vr airplane, arcade airplane in every VR theme park all over the world. The VR entertainment zone initially appeared in New York, San Francisco, Florida, Brazil, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Dubai, India, Russia, Canada, and many other bustling areas. With the popularity of VR entertainment, more and more people know about VR and experience VR games, so there are more and more people who from different country start their VR business in local. FuninVR has exported over 100 counties till now. There are over 3800 FuninVR theme park worldwide.


 FuninVR has been adhering to the concept of continuous innovation since 2011, and strives to provide customers with better products and services. In 2022, FuninVR has developed three VR simulators, the most notable of which is an aircraft product. The name of this VR simulator is VR Magic UFO, and its mysterious appearance like  flying sauce, which quickly attracted the attention of many media and VR businessmen at the Canton Fair. The most difference between VR Magic UFO and original 6 seats VR is  360 degrees infinite rotation. The multi-seat VR currently operating on the market and those sold by other VR manufacturers support movement only, FuninVR take rotation into consideration and produce new product–VR Magic UFO. Player can experience intense motion and rotation during the experience, this product is a great successfully. Gear transmission 360° slewing with crank tilting technology brings crazy movement, which let more and more people try this new VR simulator.